Artists Statement

M+R are site specific installation artists exploring the relationship between heritage and humanity. We create physical structures which explore social structures.

Our work responds to people - to conversations and inhabited landscapes. We create experimental interventions which affect the way people behave. Those who experience and reflect on our work become the ongoing and ever changing expression of that work and, therefore, the finished work remains an unfinished conversation.

We explore site specific installation as a means of presenting, sharing and challenging ideas as a catalyst for positive change. By contrasting the physicality of manufactured art with ever evolving metaphysical experience we aim for a more poignant definition of an art-‘work’. We have the privilege of working in spaces between cultural boundaries and can therefore offer a fresh perspective and imagine a new civilisation.

Our installations explore social constructs in contemporary society and question our understanding of community, belonging and engagement. They follow pathways, mapped lines and historic journeys, both literally and metaphorically.

We are interested in the notion that art holds the power of 'intermediate negotiation’ - existing in spaces between established opinions and cultural boundaries. It becomes a unique form of exchange where there is no agenda to sway or judge opinion one way or another. The exploration of this hinterland as a methodology requires open minded collaboration which often results in the manifestation of an action being more valuable than the physicality of something produced.