M+R create large scale site-specific artwork for public spaces. Their projects have been reviewed as 'groundbreaking' by the Arts Council and received high profile critical acclaim including an International Civic Trust Award for 'Light Lines'.

The studio is a collaboration between artists Neil Musson and Jono Retallick who trained at the Royal College of Art and Winchester School of Art respectively. The duo share a desire to see artistic stories woven into architecture and public spaces to enhance a sense of community and belonging. Journeys through time, emotion and landscape are central themes behind the artworks while concepts begin with historical and social research to fully understand a site.

M+R are also public speakers, consultants, judges for international arts competitions and deliver CPD training to architectural practices.

"Our work responds to people; to conversations, social structures and inhabited landscapes. We create experimental interventions which affect the way people behave. Those who experience and reflect on our work become the ongoing and ever changing expression of that work - we value the way in which the viewer reinterprets and reinvents what we have made."